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HIGH G or LOW G? . . . A discussion about the differences between High G and Low G tuning

March 11, 2016


Low G Tuning . . . . Can we talk?

I’ve encountered literally hundreds of people worldwide who are “struggling” with the
Concept of Low G tuning on their ukuleles. I hope within this blog to clarify a few points . . .

Q. Is Low G tuning superior to standard tuning?
A. Nope . . . it’s just a different tuning and a matter of preference. Major players use both tunings.

Q. Are some ukuleles built to Low G tuned . . .
A. No . . . its just a matter of changing out the 4th string from a High G to a Low G

Q. Do I have to purchase a different set of strings for Low G?
A. Most string manufacturers do make sets that have a Low G. Some are wound, some are not.

Q. Which Low G should I use: a Wound or…

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