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Here is The Distinquished Library of Chord/Melody eBooks from Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . . . eBooks ONE, TWO & THREE . . . . . Something for everyone from beginning solo Ukulele players to advanced

March 14, 2016


These THREE collections form a distinguished library of SOLO Ukulele instrumentals. Utilizing the advantages of CHORD/MELODY style, Ukulele Mike Lynch has written and arranged these classic and iconic pieces for players of all levels. . . from beginners to advanced.   Each and everyone of these eBooks has pieces of simpler complexity to more advanced harmonic and chordal arrangements.  Now, players can take advantage of the entire fingerboard from FIRST POSITION up to the 12th Fret.  The Ukulele has long been considered only an accompaniment for singing, but now, with these arrangements the UKULELE can do its own singing. . . Take a look now at the contents of each collection:

CHORD/MELODY eBook ONE: $29.95

Book One Contents

CHORD/MELODY eBook TWO: $23.95

Collection TWO contents


Collection THREE contents



Take some time to read this recent blog to get a more in depth understanding of the Chord/Melody format:  “THE STRUM OF THE THUMB”

Many of the pieces from these THREE collections can be heard on YOU TUBE and VIMEO . . . performed by Ukulele Mike and numerous players throughout the world.   

Each of these THREE eBooks can be purchased separately or as a whole for a combined discount.  Make purchase through the PayPal donate button on the Ukulele Mike website:

Once purchased, they will be personally emailed to you by Ukulele Mike within the day.

Any further inquiries regarding any Ukulele Resources, please email:

NOT SURE WHAT TABLATURE IS? . . . Here is an article that might help.

“First Aid” for Tablature from “Dr.” Ukulele Mike Lynch


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