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“A Time For Us’ – Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet . . . . Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch

June 12, 2016


time completeI chose to arrange this piece in the Chord/Melody format. . . Easiest way to perform solo Ukulele songs. . . Only the thumb is used to strum the chords. . . no fingerpicking is involved.  Below is a short excerpt from the opening of “A Time For Us”

Time 1Be very careful in performing Chord/Melody pieces to follow closely where the melody goes. . .In the above excerpt, the melody starts on the First string then quickly drops to the Third string. . . Then by the 3rd measure it’s back up to the First string again.   So be careful not to play the strings above the melody note. . . This is quite different from normal rhythm chord accompaniment for song where you would typically play all 4 strings all of the time  . .

Below is another short excerpt from you to try. . .

TIme 2There is very…

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