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“Close To You” by The Carpenters . . . . The “Classic” YouTube Ukulele Tutorial by Ukulele Mike Lynch

June 12, 2016

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This Video Tutorial was done in those early days when I actually numerated the tutorials . . . This was Video Lesson #240 and since then for many and various reasons I no longer number then . . . but they are somewhere up to over 500 by now, I think . . . Nevertheless, #240 still sticks out as one of my personal favorites. . . I enjoyed doing it out in my backyard dealing with the neighbor’s barking dog but always loving the birds chirping around me. . . .Unfortunately, nowadays YouTube has decided to paste commercials at the beginning of many of my tutorials . . . . Oh well, at least they leave them up. . . . As opposed to a number of years ago when they deleted me for a period of time until so many people protested that I got put back on . . . . POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!    I recently tried to recapture the feeling of this tutorial when I did “Carolina In The Morning” just 3 weeks ago . . . Nothing better then the wonderful ukulele in the great outdoors . . . Enjoy and Happy Strumming, Mike Lynch

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