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Summer Sale 2016 . . . . . Check out all of the reduced prices of the Ukulele Mike Collections . . . . “Christmas In July” SALE is officially extended through the end of August 31st 2016 . . . . .

July 31, 2016

Summer sale blog header

Since there was such a great reception to the “Christmas In July” sale on the Chord/Melody eBook combo, we decided to run a full Summer Sale through the end of August 31st 2016 . . . . Not only are all of the above collections on SALE but, the Chord/Melody eBook COMBO has been reduced even further to $50.00. .  .  Look below to see the reduced prices . . . .


chord melody eBook ONE

Ebook TWO Chord Mel reduced


Songs of Yesteryear


Ukulele Solos fingerpicking

Christmas Chord Mel Reduced

a ukulele christmas fingerpicking

Enjoy this massive reduction now and take your Ukulele and new music to the beach and start taking your performance skills to whole other level . . .

To purchase any of these collections just make a payment through the PayPal button on the Ukulele Mike website:     Once purchased, they will be personally emailed to you within the day . . . .

For any questions regarding any Ukulele Mike resources, please email:

As I mentioned above the THREE eBook Chord/Melody Series has been further reduced from $70.00 to $50.00   . . . Below is a link detailing the contents of each of those collections


series banner three booksALL THREE ABOVE FOR JUST $50.00


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