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CONQUEST of the B flat Chord!!! . . . . You no longer need to fear that Bb chord. . . . At last!!! (This applies to the F chord for the Baritone Uke as well)

August 18, 2016


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How often have you found yourself playing a song in the key of F and that Bb chord pops up and all of a sudden your playing comes to a crashing halt as you contort your hand to achieve a good, clean, clear sound that’s even remotely reconizable as a real chord???  I can’t begin to tell you how often I’ve dealt with this issue with my students.  It just seems to be one of those annoying chords but still a very very important chord to know.  The Key of F maj is a particular good key for Ukulele.  It is one of the most often keys used for playing instrumentals and solos.  So, at some time we really do need to conquer that irritating Bb chord ha ha ha. . . So, here are some…

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