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“It’s Only A Paper Moon” . . . Ukulele Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . now found in the Chord/Melody eBook TWO . . . . Reduced now to $20.00 . . . . Check out the Christmas Chord melody ebook

May 4, 2016

paper moon blog header

Amazing performance by Nat King Cole as vocalist and also pianist. Most people forget he was first of all a jazz pianist.

This is such a delightful piece to play on the Ukulele . . . It’s got an exquisitely clever chord progression that keeps your fingers moving right along. . . Below you will see the opening few bars . . . Top line is standard Treble clef notation, while the bottom stave is formatted in Ukulele tablature. . . The top line represents the FIRST string . . . which is the one closest to your knee. . . then you have the remaining three strings. . .

Paper 1

The first beat is just a “placer” note to establish the opening of the song. . . The actually melody begins on the the dotted 8th note following the F Chord. . . This song is chock full of wonderful dim7, m7 etc. . . JAZZ chords. . . .Enjoy!

Below is another short excerpt from the song . . .

Paper 2

Measure 17 begins the BRIDGE of the song. . . Notice all of the zeros in measure 19 . . . These are always great since that means no fingers on placed on those strings. . . Making measure 19 a simple, easy measure of music. . .

“It’s Only A Paper Moon” is contained in the Chord/Melody eBook TWO . . . It can be purchased by making a payment of $20.00 through the paypal button on the Ukulele Mike website: Once purchased it will be personally emailed to you within the day. . .


Book Two cover

Table of Contents in the Chord/Melody eBook TWO

eBook TWO Contents

All THREE of the current Chord Melody eBooks can be purchased separately or all together at a new “TRILOGY combined discount of $50.00. . .

Trilogy combo price slide header



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